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    News from PBK

    Winter 2018: Make New Friends, but Keep the Old

    The New Year means a new Congress. We’ll show you how to make new friends for the arts and sciences, but keep the old.


    After a polarizing election season, contacting your newly-elected or returning legislator is probably the last thing you want to think about right now. However, cultivating champions for the arts, humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and natural sciences requires persistence year-round.


    Now — before the busy start to state and federal legislative sessions— is a great time for you to welcome new legislators and educate them about issues that matter to you. 

    • Encourage your Senators to join the Cultural Caucus and your Representatives to join the Congressional Humanities Caucus. Several state legislatures have them as well. 

    • Ask your Members of Congress to support federal investments in science and encourage the use of evidence-based science in policy making.

    • Make it personal by referencing a local arts and sciences organization that transforms your community. 


    Use our email templates for state and federal legislators for inspiration.